Monday, September 1, 2008

See No Evil My Pretty Lady by Miss Mae

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Title: "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady"

Written by: Miss Mae

Hero: Gareth Davenport. Dark, mysterious, brooding. Wears an eye patch and black leather gloves. Hmm, Colin Firth from "Pride and Prejudice" who played Mr. Darcy would fit my hero perfectly!

Heroine: Dorcy Edwards. Shy, alone in the world, vulnerable, very attractive. Jane Seymour might could do her well. (at a younger age, of course!)

There's an old friend of Gareth's named Matthew. I think Viggo Mortensen would be perfect cast in this role. And he's married to Gareth's ex-girlfriend, Felicity. She's beautiful, haughty, spoiled, spiteful. Ah, I can see Vivian Leigh bringing this character to life!

James Mason is ideal for the role of Inspector Sosby. And Kate Winslet would do well as the maid, Alice.

The older couple who sponsor Dorcy and take her into their home in her hour of need is Ulysses and Hazel Butterfield. They need to be portrayed by Ian McKellen and Judi Dench (both well-padded out, though!)

Oh, I can't give away the villain because I'd be telling that it's a he or she!

Remember the game 'Clue'? It's a murder mystery and the object is to guess who, where, and with what object the person was killed. And you were one of the characters of several who made up the sleuthing party. "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady" is such a story. But for added spice, Jack the Ripper is making the news and you must also deduce which character just might be this fiend. (As "his" identity was never discovered, quite possibly "he" was a "she"! But I won't tell. That's for the reader to ferret out.)

If my book were made into a movie, these stars could unfold the drama and suspense in a stupendous way! So Hollywood, where do I sign the dotted line?????

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The cobblestone streets lay in shadows. In the swirling fog a madman hunts for easy prey. "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady", available from The Wild Rose Press.

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