Thursday, February 4, 2010

Casting Double Dual by T Murray

Title: Double Dual

Written: T.Murray

Hero: Robert George (Frog-Man) Sarah George (Frog-Girl)

Robert a born leader, willing to help others (Special Powers) 10x faster than humans , in creditable leaping power, can leap whole city blocks, skyscrapers, building and can stick to anything. Eyes turn green for better vision, also has vision in all directions. Sarah George is sensitive, outspoken very smart. (Special Powers) 5x faster than humans, strong for her size, can only leap half city blocks, can stick to anything, has vision in front and the side of her.

(How they got their powers)

They were shot a few times and landed in a pond while chemicals emerge on there skin and different frogs (cricket, poison, arrow, tree, tomato, lepord, and other) from the pond healed their wounds & cause a heart transformation.

(Actors to play roles) Frog-man (Matt Damon) Frog-girl (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

(Best friend) Jonathon Luck discovers top secret information from (the villain) MR. X office and shares it with Robert &Sarah. He is eventually killed.

(The villain): Mr. X is ruthless, criminal, and strong for his size business man secret killer. Fly master – heartless, ruthless, killer, bodyguard for Mr. X Flies at high speed.

(short summary) : Join Double Dual as they emerge with poison chemicals from a companies waste site, which gives them special powers such as In credible leaping power, x-ray vision, and a heart transformation, also with key information from their best friend to bring down a corrupted Chicago crime boss (views can view it but is under construction)

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