Sunday, May 11, 2008

Avenging Angel by Kim Smith

I have always known that my book, Avenging Angel, if picked up by 
would have to have Sandra Bullock play the lead role
Eddie Murphy play the supporting male. Her emotional journey
in The Divine Secrets of the YaYa
Sisterhood was just exactly how
my character is portrayed in the book, and
Eddie’s flippant,
wise-cracking Donkey in
Shrek is just sooooo Dwayne Brown
from the book.

What is the title of your book?

Avenging Angel, a Shannon Wallace mystery

What name is the book released under?

My own, Kim Smith, although I did consider

using a pen name. The name of Kim Smith is also the trademark for
fabulously famous swimsuit model. Whilst I would love to be
mistaken for
her, I am no model. I don't even own a swimsuit for
um... various reasons
which will remain unmentionable. I do write
books though and hope to develop
a trademark of my own with the
Shannon Wallace series.

Hero- Shannon Wallace is the main character and
protagonist in the book.

side-kick, Dwayne Brown is her gay best friend, and oftentimes
the bunched
blanket in her saddle as they ride through this book.
The bad guy is the
killer of Shannon’s former boss and boyfriend
Rick Fine. And unfortunately,
the killer knows one of her darkest
secrets and uses it against her in the
book. The secret, while dark
to Shannon, will give the readers a laugh that
will carry them to
the end as they try to unravel the mystery.

Give us your website address

Readers and fans can find me at or
at my blog, -- I also blog
with three other mystery/suspense writers who readers will want
know, and our joint efforts are at

Give us a link to where your book is for sale – my book is soon
to be
released from Enspiren Press and will be available at local
booksellers as
well as online.

Any other special character that really stands out to
readers. In this case,
tell us the part they play in the
book, some details about them and who should

play them in the movie.

One other character to mention is the detective
the murder. His name is, Salvador Ramirez and Shannon is a

serious pain in his neck. Shannon, Sal, and Dwayne all went to
college together,
and this threesome will keep the reader
giggling throughout the entire work.

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Jack Payne said...

Hang in there, Kim. At two different times over the past two years, I have been in negotiations with a Hollywood producer (a big one) who was considering optioning my novel, Six Hours Past Thursday, for film. Both times these talks broke down and fell through. It's much like my first book. It sold but 75 copies. It took another 14 years before I had my first 200,000-copy selling book.