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Sinbad's Last Voyage by Toni Sweeney

Tell us a little about each of these characters and then give us the names of several actors or actresses that you think should play them if a movie is made from you book.

What is the title of your book?

Sinbad's Last Voyage

What name is the book released under?

The same.


Sinbad sh'en Singh. He's a product of the Terro-Felidan War which raged for eleven years before his people were conquered. The Terra Federation declared all conquered people "animals" until they're at last allowed into the Federation Council but in Sinbad's case, that label was never taken from his people, so he's considered an articulate feline. The son of a Felidan woman and a Terran soldier who was a prisoner of war, he was taken to Earth at age three to be the chief witness in his father's court marshal and when his father was sent to prison, went with him. He escaped from the prison at age fourteen. Though he's never been inside a school--he was taught to read and write by one of the other prisoners--he can speak 15 languages and knows the protocols and laws of most of the planets in the Federation. He is also the grandson of one of the remaining Pride Chiefs of Felida. Since Felidans are feline, Sinbad looks like a human cat, with a wild curly mane, eyes with elliptical irises, and fangs and claws that he can spring when needed. He also purrs when he's happy. For some reason, I see him as a red-haired Tom Welling.


Andrea Talltrees is an adopted Navajo, raised by her father's best friend after he is MIA and her mother dies. She's spoiled and sheltered and has never had an unhappy day until her husband is arrested as a spy. She's small, blonde, and doesn't take any guff from anybody but tremendously naive--a perfect foil for Sinbad's wicked sense of humor. The fact that she is two years older than Sin doesn't sit very well with her. I've envisioned Fergie as playing Andi.

The hero and/or heroine's children

Andi has a son, Acashi, with her husband Tran. Cash is fifteen--a very adult fifteen--when the story opens and doesn't figure very much in the first book. In later books, his relationship with Sinbad and his heritage from his father are explored more closely. Sinbad and Andi have one child who is born at the end of the first book. By Book Four, they have a houseful of children and grandchildren who have adventures of their own. Matt Dallas of Kyle XY could probably get away with playing this fifteen-year-old!

The best friend (if there is one)

Sin's best friend is Jake Goldstein, the bartender of the Asteroid Cantina. Jake is a master hacker, counterfeiter, and acquisitions master, arranging for sale of the items Sinbad smuggles to Earth and back. He helps him get Andi off-planet by making up false identities for her. I see Jake as looking like James Roday of Psych.

The villain or bad guy

Tran is the nominal villain of the piece, although the Albegensi who attack Terra and the Federation itself are always hovering in the background. Arrested as a spy because he's an Albegensi, Tran escapes and leaves the planet. The fact that he doesn't acknowledge any of Sinbad's messages asking him to wait for Andi and is speeding toward a planet known to be his own people hereditary enemy makes Sin wonder if he's as innocent as Andi claims. When they actually find Tran, they discover he has his own plans of invasion for Earth and the present war is going to distract the Federation long enough for him to act. I've always thought Tran looked a little like Joaquin Phoenix.

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Any other special character that really stands out to readers. In this case, tell us the part they play in the book, some details about them and who should play them in the movie.

There's one character--Cassay. Cassay is a transvestite, and Sin alternately treats him with scorn and condescencion. When Cassay rescues him from Prince Ludsa's henchmen and helps him escape, he changes his attitude. I have no idea who could play Cassay. It would have to be an actor who's young enough and small enough to look slightly feminine--and brave enough to play a transvestite!

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