Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blood Web by Gary Starta

A mysterious crystal is found…
A teenager drifter named Shenk unwittingly links himself to the powers of an arrowhead shaped crystal and begins a journey across America, not to sightsee, but to exact revenge for crimes committed more than a century ago.

Maybe becoming part of this network isn’t such a good thing…
Acting as the crystal’s host, the teen is endowed with super abilities, enabling him to track his victims via a biological conduit. He has only goal in mind…murder.

Only one investigator may be capable of stopping the paranormal vigilante, but she has revenge issues herself…
FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs suddenly experiences visions relating to the traumatic murder of her former partner and lover. Always intuitive, the agent’s new psychic abilities intrigue and confound her. She must fight feelings of grief and revenge if she is to outwit the murderer and his biological Internet.

A connection will be attempted…
There is only one way to stop the murders. Diggs must take control of the crystal. But contact with the rock may invite an undesirable paranormal connection. If the crystal doesn’t kill Diggs - it just might lure her into its murderous blood web.

Tell us a little about each of these characters and then give us the names of several actors or actresses that you think should play them if a movie is made from you book.

What is the title of your book? Blood Web

What name is the book released under? Blood Web


Heroine – FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs – she is brazen, outspoken and certainly not afraid to abandon FBI protocols if it means catching her perp. She is a 15 year veteran and likes to solve cases on instinct. Ironically, she will eventually come into contact with a mysterious crystal which will transform her and give her visions. These visions will help her investigations. But right now her own dreams are haunting her because her former partner and lover, Geoffrey McAllister was killed under suspicious circumstances. Her gut tells her the FBI Director is involved, but necessity compels her to catch a serial killer who wears a crystal pendant that makes him invincible. I could see her being played by Sandra Bullock, Carla Gugino or Milla Jojovich.

The hero and/or heroine's children

The best friend (if there is one) her current partner, Agent Deondra Rivers is a no nonsense agent recently promoted from the Pittsburgh field office. She dreams of applying her biomedical expertise to nab suspects, but the mysterious crystal is sucking the life out of its victims, rupturing their brain and depleting their system of seratonin. Rivers is perplexed and very dismayed that her knowledge of biochemistry isn’t helping to profile the killer. She is described as a dead ringer for Halle Berry – so only Halley Berry or a look-a-like actress would do.

The villain or bad guy - Shenk – a teen who unwittingly picks up the crystal while hiking away from the flooded ruins of his Texas home. He will help the crystal avenge the deaths of Cheyenne Indians massacred back in 1864 in Sand Creek, Colorado.

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Any other special character that really stands out to readers. In this case, tell us the part they play in the book, some details about them and who should play them in the movie.

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