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Stormy View by Nikki Leigh - Who Should Play Me in the Movie?

It's Time to Cast Your Vote ----
(August - September 2006)

As an author, people frequently as me which actors or actresses would play my characters in a movie based on my books. I honestly don’t know and I thought you could offer your suggestions. I encourage you to read the book, but in the mean time, you can read some of my thoughts about the characters along with comments from reviewers.

I asked for suggestions about which actors and actresses should play the characters in Stormy View. Details were supplied below about each character for anyone who hasn't read the book... yet. Entries were sent in August and people had the opportunity to vote for their favorites in September. The winner received a gift certificate for Amazon.

Kennalyn Jones -

Young bright woman who grew up along the Cape Ann coast of Massachusetts. She attends Law School at Harvard, a dream she shared with her mother, before her death. Kennalyn met David Stevens at law school and they married. They move to Los Angeles and find jobs in a prestigious law firm. Several years later they have a daughter, they name Brittany. Life is wonderful and they plan a big celebration for their tenth anniversary. The party plans are almost complete when a police officer knocks on the Stevens’ door. He is there to tell Kennalyn that David was in an accident. The following weeks set off a chain of events that make it necessary for Kennalyn to return to her childhood home and her chauvinistic father. Can she handle the disappointments that life hands her?

Kennalyn is just under 6’ tall, thin, very pretty and friendly. She has shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. There is an air of confidence about Kennalyn, but several things cause her to be insecure. She is a loving mother and a good friend.

Captain Bartholomew Jones -

Kennalyn's father is the proud keeper of the Stormy View Lighthouse. For generations, his ancestors stood guard over the coastline to ensure the safety of people who traveled along the Cape Ann coast. He feels women need to stay in their place, which isn't working along side men. Can he swallow his pride and attitude to help Kennalyn through problems she never anticipated? Can he show his support?

Captain Bart is a gruff “sea dog” who is certainly rough around the edges. He treats Kennalyn very badly when she goes away to school, although it is less than an hour away. She feels that she is abandoning him and arranges for a long time family friend to clean house, cook for him and check on her father. This works out better than Kennalyn expected and Captain Bart marries Sadie. Can Sadie manage to smooth Captain Bart’s rough edges?

David Stevens -

He's the son of a powerful Los Angeles attorney. David had everything handed to him for years. He's used to debutantes and self centered women. Can he understand the kind of woman that Kennalyn Jones is? Will he appreciate the quiet strength that makes her a special woman? David is just over 6’ tall and has brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He’s a successful attorney and is very much in love with Kennalyn. Or, is he? You can never talk about David without mentioning his mother… Hilda Stevens.

Hilda Stevens -

She enjoys her social standing in the community. This position is based on her husband's skill and success as an attorney. Over the years, she uses that power to form and chair committees to help the city. This gives her power in her own right. Will she use this power to help her son? Or, will she turn against Kennalyn in a time of crisis?

Hilda Stevens makes a powerful appearance in the opening pages of the book. Actually, she makes a powerful impression every time she appears in the book. She stands ram rod straight, has finely manicured and bony fingers. She is a powerful woman who will leave a definite impression on each reader.

Parmer Stevens -

He's a powerful attorney will lets his wife Hilda do whatever she wants, no matter how he feels about it. Can he find the strength to confront her, or will she continue to have her way?

Ebbie Montoya -

She was David Stevens' nanny as he grew up. She stays with the Stevens long after he is past the age of needing a nanny, to remain close to him. There is never a time when she doesn't support David and she loves Kennalyn as well. When Kennalyn returns to Misty Cove, Ebbie goes with her. Will she make a life on the rugged New England coast? Ebbie is a strong personality who is fiercely loyal to the people she loves. She is of Spanish decent, a short woman with wild gray hair.

Sadie Jones -

She marries Captain Bart. Earlier, she was close friends with Kennalyn's mother and loves the family. Can she help Bart now that his family needs him? Will her influence cause him to soften his views toward women?

Brittany Stevens -

The young daughter of Kennalyn and David. Bright eyed, and full of energy and mischief. Can she recover from a devastating event when she is very young? What kind of young woman will she become? Brittany is a precocious child with golden hair. She loves her parents and protects her younger brother. She will do whatever is needed to protect her mother and her father’s memory.

David Stevens, Jr. -

Kennalyn and David's son. He's born during a rough time in Kennalyn's life. Will he be the apple of his grandfather's eye? Can he survive being raised with several "mothers"?

Rick Thomas -

He was David's college roommate. Over the years, he becomes the legal voice for a development company which works throughout New England. When he reappears in Kennalyn's life, why is he there?

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This book is currently not on the market. I have the only remaining copies and it will be re-released as Stormy Shores near the end of the year.

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