Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Baby in the Bag, A Politically Incorrect Tale by Doug Hanau

I wrote and self-published the satire entitled "The Baby in the Bag, A Politically Incorrect Tale." The main idea of this fictional novel is how an innocent author inadvertantly uses the term "midget" while appearing on the "Tonight Show", after which the dwarf nation seemingly sets out to destroy him while further gaining attention to their cause. The situations and characters are extreme as the author is also writing a detective story about a baby found inside a backpack inside a high school girls' locker room.

Those that have read it have told me its one of the funniest books they've read.

What is the title of your book? "The Baby in the Bag, A Politically Incorrect Tale"

What name is the book released under? Detective Tommy Gun (But search for Doug Hanau on Amazon.)

Hero - There is no hero. But the main character's name is Parc Attola, a struggling author and a whimp.

Heroine - None

The hero and/or heroine's children - None

The best friend (if there is one) - Rob, a treasure hunter who confuses his Rs with Ws. Pacito Jones, a dwarf Mexican-African-American who comes to Parc's aide against the LPAA (Little People Association of America).

The villain or bad guy - The unknown asassian "The Chihuahua" (take off on the Jackel)

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  • Parc Attola - John Header - he has the "deer in the headlights" look
  • Pacito Jones - Tony Cox - his mouth and attitude are perfect for a self-centered, wise-cracking dwarf actor.
  • Rob - John Favro - has the physical presence and talent to portray Rob.
  • Lacy - Parc's foul-mouthed wife, any tall striking blond, Chelsea Handler
  • Carlos - African-American, a former Special Forces member, now a bar fly and 8-Ball shooter - Martin Lawrence
  • Miguel - Mexican-American, Carlos' best friend and also a bar fly. Gabriel Iglesias would be perfect.
  • Sue Windfall - Parc's over ambitious want-to-be agent, Demi Moore - she can be funny playing this part.
  • Detective Tommy Gun - Leslie Nelson
  • Principal Pal - Jason Alexander
  • Muffy & Buffy Trampleton - twin high school cheerleaders, one of which is the mother of the dead baby
  • Harry Sass - sexually confused high school student - TBD
  • Herm Aphrodite - African-American transexual, Dave Chappel

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